Bridge Security Services

We are Bridge Security, a Puerto Rican security and technology company proud to serve our people. We offer a range of services to help protect your business, home or company, including: Surveillance Technology Applications.

Our customized solutions are tailored to your specific needs, so you can rest easy knowing that you are Learn more about us and find out how we can help you keep what matters most to you safe!

Excellence in everything we do

Safety culture: Promotes a safety culture in the organization, where employees value and prioritize safety in their daily work, promoting safe attitudes and behaviors.

Reducing accidents and injuries: Safety training helps employees understand the risks associated with their tasks and how to avoid accidents, which can reduce the number of workplace injuries.



We offer armed and unarmed security officers for all types of industry. At Bridge Security, we make a personalized evaluation of your needs, and then recruit and assign personnel based on that profile. Ranked as one of the first ten Private Security companies in Puerto Rico by Caribbean Business, Bridge Security is the choice company to fulfill your security demands.

camera system

IP Camera Systems

Bridge Security Services provides high definition IP camera systems. Our company has dedicated years of research to bring you an exclusive line of electronic surveillance products tailored to the latest advances in technology.

home security

Access Control

With our visitor registration system, both managers and residents can access information about the complex or home. The system will send notifications when a person is authorized to enter to visit the property, and the owners will know at all times who is on their way. The notification will be sent with images taken from the cameras at the control gates, allowing both the vehicle and the person to be seen. Authorized visitors are easily monitored by the homeowner via the mobile app.